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The FOLDEX Midyear Update

At FOLDEX we stand with our feet in two different worlds. One foot is in conventional print, reaching for higher speeds and better quality, worrying about loads and forces, bearing speeds and lubrication, and of course costs of hardware. Our other foot is stepping into the future which is more speculative in terms of which print methods emerge and what markets will continue in print. To paraphrase Mark Twain, “Reports of the death of print are an exaggeration!” We continue to believe in print for publications as well as packaging, but we can envision that digital print methods will emerge as alternatives to conventional print, offering advantages (economy) for very low print counts, and better consumer targeting. No great revelation here, it is already happening in book production since 2010. But we’re working to exploit other facets of digital print methods and you will see some of this work in future posts.

For now we can report on our J2C Series of high speed folders for converting existing presses from their standard (long) cut off to short. We now have three folders in this series; the FJ2C originally produced for directory products, the NJ2C which is focused on newspaper applications, and now the SJ2C which is dedicated to commercial and publication applications. Each of these folders shares a common theme of converting the format of an existing press from 2 around to 3 around. The result is that the new cut off is 2/3 that of the original design cut off of the press. More importantly run in straight mode you can get up to a 50% increase in throughput (copies per hour). Or running in collect mode, the page counts increase by 50% per cylinder rev.

The folders are robust, pin type jaw folders with speed ratings reaching 100,000 cph straight. The latest machine, the SJ2C was recently commissioned on a SUNDAY 4000 press in Europe. This installation makes use of the original folder drive to turn the lower folder. All other axes including former drive, nips, cross perf and stitcher are driven by an integrated Siemens ELS system.

Our newspaper folders have proven themselves at the Columbus Dispatch, where they have been in production since January of 2013, producing great looking papers for The Dispatch, The Cincinnati Enquirer, and the Kentucky Enquirer, and where they have demonstrated the 50% increase over the conventional format.