Folding, Finishing, & Web-handling


FOLDEX Corporation had as a specialty the pinless folder techniques, but soon added robust quarterfolding capabilities to Viking Series.  We were eventually approached about other custom design machines:  Could we make a folder for a cold web offset application that gave a three side open, long grain signature up to 64 pages?  Utilizing our ELS driven rotary chopper, we developed a collect - chop machine without crossfold for book signature applications.  For cold web, we needed a pin type approach, and we added a collect cam system and a pin to pin transfer for signatures going to the chopper.  

The cold web versions remain fixed size machines, but we have specs for heatset applications that are pinless, and handling a range of sizes.  Additionally, two up versions are available. 

The benefit to this approach is that the three side open signatures are gusset free.  The Collect Chop machine can provide signatures with page counts up to 64p

FOLDEX offers book signature folders in pin type or pinless configurations.   Multi-collect modes are also available

FOLDEX Book Folder

FOLDEX Book Folder

  • Adapted to a Tensor Press
  • Former Section for four ribbons
  • No Cross Fold
  • Cut-Collect-Chop
  • Three side open, long grain signatures