Folding, Finishing, & Web-handling


General Description:

The Viking Folder is a variable cut off folder capable of operating in several modes.  Broadsheet (closed head over former), Tabloid (ribbon feed or RTF slitter), Quarterfold (using quarterfold option), or Double Parallel (using DP option).  The folder can operate in Straight and Collect and Double Collect Modes.

The general arrangement of the folder is modular and can be described in the following sections:

  • Upper Folder Section with Driven Lead Rollers or RTF and Gathering Roller Assembly with Former, Dual Stage Nipping Roller Section, and Drives.  The Former Section includes provision for Balloon Former Addition.
  • Lower Folder Section consisting of a pair of cutting cylinders (one around), tape accelerating section, 5 around pinless collect cylinder, 5 around jaw cylinder, collect camming and drive, mechanical stripper and provisions for double parallel, stitching and other options
  • Transfer Section and Delivery consisting of a tape drive, a tape transfer drum with provision for cam operated flipper assembly, slow down section, fanwheel assembly and creeping belt delivery. Includes provision for quaterfold addition.

Optional Features and Equipment

  • Balloon Former Assembly consisting of driven Gathering Roller and RTF, former assembly, single stage nipping section, by-pass lead rollers
  • Double Parallel Version with articulated 5 around first Jaw Cylinder with Tucker Assembly and a second 3 around Jaw Cylinder
  • Single or Double Quaterfolder assemblies, each including a rotary tucking mechanism, quarterfolder table, folding rollers, fanwheel and creeping belt delivery
  • Dual Size Capability that allows the folder to be operated in either long cut off or short cut off modes, by subdividing the plate cylinder into either two or three cut offs per revolution.
  • Dual Mode Stitcher consisting of four or six heads and independent wire feed system, capable of running straight or collect.

Viking Folder