Folding, Finishing, & Web-handling


FJ2C Folder

FOLDEX Corporation had developed the straight, collect and double collect cam techniques for the Viking.  Could we offer a folder for a cold web offset application that gave a double collect signature up to 96 pages?  Taking what we had developed or the pin style book folder and merging it together with our collect and jaw cylinder systems we developed the FJ2C Folder for the telephone directory signatures.  We added two other features to suit the customer’s application.  We provided a modified Newspaper Style super structure so that it would match the existing press.  We also segregated the cut from the collect function to eliminate “Krout” for the double collect signatures.


The cam masking system was similar to what we had done on the Viking but a little simpler.  The masking hub drive was ELS Driven, giving the capability of pushbutton change over between straight and double collect.


Custom Design Folders are available from FOLDEX for Cold Web and Heatset applications, as well as for Gravure and other publication presses.

FJ2C Folder

  • High throughput 7x9 directory signatures on cold web
  • Higher page counts, 96p two-out (2 streams)
  • Double Collect Operation
  • Newspaper style former section to match existing press requirements