Folding, Finishing, & Web-handling


Viking C Folder

  • Sunday 4000 Auto Transfer Application
  • Special superstructure to provide 3 independent streams
  • Optimized cut off for the coupon sizes
  • Provides 6 independent deliveries

Viking C Folder

FOLDEX Corporation was approached about adapting the Viking Folder for special size signatures for the Valpak direct mail application.  The goal for this project was to utilize the full width of the folder to produce three streams of products, each varying in the number of ribbons.  Additionally, the customer wanted to have the capability of mixing in wider products with the coupon books, which would require deserting.


FOLDEX developed a unique folder superstructure using formers and bypass ribbon leads to accomplish the three independent streams with no overlap on the standard products.  To deal with the different thickness of each ribbon stream, FOLDEX developed a proprietary nipping section that allowed each nip trolley to be set independently.


Automation for flying changeover was an important issue for the product mix and scheduling.  Flying changeover for tab slitting and skip slitter was providing using ELS driven blades opposite PGR and RTF mounted anvils


The Viking C Folders were optimized for the 17.52 inch cut off and configured with a Servo Driven Flipper diverting streams to the Upper and Lower Deliveries, each delivering three products across.