Folding, Finishing, & Web-handling


FOLDEX Corporation is a company founded for the purpose of developing and producing custom fixed and variable size folders for the printing industry. Our machines are high end, similar to the folders on publication gravure presses. Our focus has been in high speed offset applications, but as the market continues to change we remain nimble; developing digital solutions, and incorporating INNOTECH's products.

We make use of the latest technology available in our products featuring ELS (Electronic Line Shaft) drives for all major sections of the folder, including the main drive, upper folder drives, the quarter folder and delivery sections of the machine. We also include graphical operator interface, and full automation package for mode and size change functions.

We offer Tab and Quarter folder machines, which operate to a speed of 105,000 copies per hour, and have options available for Stitching and Double Parallel functions. We also offer custom design folders for special applications. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our capabilities with you further and accompany you on a plant visit to see one of our folders in action.

FOLDEX has developed considerable expertise in ELS applications. Our success with these systems is well regarded by ELS Drive suppliers such as Indramat and Siemens. FOLDEX also commands considerable expertise in web fed printing press applications. 

About Us

It's a family business!  Leif Reslow and son Kyle in the assembly hall.