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For Immediate Release:

INNOTECH Products for Newspaper

Newspapers seeking new product capabilities in print have some new alternatives.  FOLDEX Corporation, makers of the NJ2C Folders will now offer PANORAMA GATEFOLD SYSTEMS, from INNOTECH to create gatefolds and 4 page wide Panorama for additions on Customers’ existing printing equipment.  Utilizing  INNOFORMER, the Geometric Air Bar Plow, for high speed running folds, these systems can be added to virtually any newspaper press and provide products with single or double gate folds for panorama images, or Z fold products for special cover ads on sections.  The INNOTECH Formers have been proven in Publication and Commercial print applications for many years.

FOLDEX and INNOTECH equipment has been combined in high speed applications in the past with great results.  At FOLDEX, “We are delighted to be able to offer the INNOTECH INNOFORMER Systems as a part of our total offering for Newspapers”.


FOLDEX Corporation has supplied commercial and newspaper print markets with high end folding apparatus since 1995.  Offering fixed and variable cut off technologies, FOLDEX has furnished machines for some of the most demanding applications in print, and are acknowledged as experts in the field.  With its innovative NJ2C Folder, FOLDEX played a key role in the first three around conversion for newspaper.  Contact us at 401.886.5557  or visit our web site at


INNOTECH Graphic Equipment Corporation has been manufacturing inline and offline finishing systems since 1990. With installations all over the world, Innotech has earned the reputation for highly productive and cost effective designs customized for individual needs. Contact us at 914 347 2200 or visit us at